Stadtwerkstatt Dptm. No Architects
No Architecture
We build a House of Sleep.

SLEEP TUNNEL: No Architecture, Maindeck / Continuous

Derived from Konstantin Melnikov’s proposed architecture of a »Sonata of Sleep«, STWST developed the Sleep Tunnel. Melnikovs idea of the Sonata of Sleep meant a recuperation area for factory workers of the 20ies. This utopian idea will be combined with Stadtwerkstatts credo of »No Architects«. There will be a sleep architecture, a sleep tunnel of no dimension, a no-architecture of transparent relationship between inside and outside, an unprotected area of sleeping entities and an open call to get to sleep during Ars Electronica.

Unconsciousness! No Protection! Transparency! Sleep architecture is also a term from medical sleep research. It means the different sleep stages, which repeat itself in cycles several times per night. Where is my mind!

STWST No Architects=Sleep Architects: Franz Xaver/Infolab, Tanja Brandmayr/Quasikunst, Jakob Breitwieser/Reouzeri, Jan-Nahuel Jenny/Master Builder, Harald Purrer/Anesthesiologist, Pamela Neuwirth/Radio Artist, Georg Wilbertz/Art and Architecture historian. And espeacially Sleep Architect Andreas Kaindlstorfer, Kepler Universitätsklinikum Linz, Department of Neurology 1, NeuromedCampus Sleep Laboratory.

An Interview with Sleep Architect ANDREAS KAINDLSTORFER will follow, a pillow talk by Andreas Kaindlstorfer with sleep itself.

Stadtwerkstatt and NeuromedCampus Sleep Lab
Sleep Measurement

servus Clubraum + Maindeck / Fr + Sat, 22:30 – 01:30

STWST organizes a SLEEP BATTLE of a more relaxed kind. Two people sleep against each other - connected to measuring devices and monitored by the Linz sleep laboratory. Expect the silence.


Sleep-Talk Friday, 22.30-23:00: STWST and Andreas Kaindlstorfer
Sleep-Talk Saturday, 22:30-23:00: Felix Stalder, Matthew Fuller and Shu Lea Cheang

Then Live-Sleeping Time:
2 sleep against each other! Tired! Monitored! Nothing but seep!

Quiet note: With all mentioned No Architects AND MORE participants of SLEEP48 there are radio contributions on Radio Fro …
...and there is a sound setting at the SLEEP TUNNEL by Pamela Neuwirth.