Fr + Sat Night

Club Nights for SLEEP48: curated by Shu Lea Cheang. 4 sound artists per night - and inbetween sets by FuFu.


FRIDAY NIGHT, Sept 7th, 19:33 – 06:30

Svetlana Maras (Belgrade, Serbia) – 19:33- 21:30

Understanding sleeping as an altered state of being, that which exists only in relation to the other, is only a first level of transmogrification of our everyday existence as I see it, dreaming being the second and ultimate one. I find these two parallel processes to stand in opposition - while steadiness and continuity are inherent to sleeping, dreams (or the way we remember them), are often illogical, disorderly, fragmentary …….. I decided to work with professional magnetic tapes for this segment only. Old magnetic tapes for me bring the association with memory, »tangible«, unwanted microartifacts such as noise on the tape, imperfection… Opposite to digital manipulation of sound with a use of computer, which is unmistakable and controlled to the smallest bits, tapes bring in the indeterminate element which would emphasize the before-mentioned duality between sleep and dreams. In terms of acoustic quality, this sort of analogue equipment shifts us sonically into the area of »warm« and »cozy« sound most pleasing to the ear of a sleeper.

Sainkho Namtchylak (Tuva, Russia/Vienna, Austria) – 22:30-00:30

I do my rehearsals under the blanket singing at very Kate night if I get some exciting idea and I need to try it out, I am singing in bed under the blanket very softly but clear and long trying untill it‘s getting clear the idea to me… I am even composing scores and giving some graphic notations at nights or writing lyrics it fixing some general concept for the performance….. all under blankets and mostly in dark.. fixing the music sketches or wording dialogue….

OLESIA ONYKIIENKO aka Neither Famous Nor Rich (Kyiv, Ukraine) – 01:30-03:30

1st part of the concept is for several circles of the sound flow be moving in opposite directions via multichannel sound… being on crossroads of different sound flows for a sleeping visitor reminds me the idea of curing (or ‘sound therapy‘) – maybe this way exhausted shockworkers as any modern tired visitor could get the relax with the vibrations getting through in different directions. This should resemble the procedure of sensing the vibrations or soft bizarre massage with the soundflow.
2nd part of concept is to use the sensors to pick up different parameters of human body. Sensors will be applied to one‘s arm pulse or heart, neck, belly or picking up the breath – and inputs going to the sound card – where the sound is processed, mixed with prepared programmed sounds and some prerecorded my personal human data and then output going to the opposite or far away part of the room. This way coming to another visitors to hear. So room becoming one big organism.
Biological data coming to my notebook as input will determine the character of my performance and it‘s details, it‘ll be an engine formed by the visitors, and I will listen to it to identify the way the composition of the Sleep should move. I leave for this part an improvisation that will be mixed with the prepared samples and will change them.

IOANA VREME MOSER (Timisoara, Romania / Berlin) – 4:30-6:30

Coquetta . Dormestic Beauty
Coquetta is a slow body preparation that occurs in eight steps of action: face-scrubbing, foundation, eyeshadow, curl the lashes, mascara, eyebrows, cheeks and lips. Powder-puffs, kabuki brushes, eyelash curlers, lipsticks and other beauty tools that enclose sensitive electronics are manoeuvred to apply cosmetic layers on the skin. The buzzes of the maquillage and other flirtatious gizmos made from trash mesh with tapping sounds of the pressure-resistive electro-shoes. The sensual phoney whirl occurs as a late night somnolent beautification ritual for a flawless look and a fresh day start.

Saturday NIGHT, Sept 8th, 19:30 – 06:31

MIMU MERZ (Vienna, Austria) – 19:30 - 21:30

Working with digital loopers and plugins to process the recorded voices, my vocal performance uses wayward phrasings and introspective lyrics, sometimes mumbled, sometimes pointed out clearly, like a salty finger in the wound of ongoing life. Puns and structures. Patterns and norms. Lofty love and wicked war.

JESSICA EKOMANE (Berlin, Germany) – 22:30-00:30

Current scientific interpretations about sleep and sound focus on survival perspectives, speculating that our sound perception is at night mainly focused on monitoring signs of danger. Since this vigilance for threat seems to be an uninterrupted function of our brain, I find it relevant to observe this phenomenon in the context of exhaustion and workers of the information revolution, particularly in regard to the Attention Economy that surrounds it.
Sounds evoking sudden changes appear as possible threats, and thus are most likely to wake us up. On the contrary, I would propose a composition that can both be listened in a state of deep listening or as environnemental sound by developing a rhythmical pattern based on the effect of phasing. This pattern constituted of steady single pulses played at different speed would be slowly changing over the course of the performance, revealing the different aspects of a same sequence. My recent rhythmical work was inspired, among others, by the idea of multistability (according to Gestalt Psychology, the fact that an ambiguous image or sound has different simultaneous interpretations) and is questioning musical linearity. I also understand those concepts as relevant to the way our consciousness seems to warp while sleeping.

CAMMACK LINDSEY (Berlin, Germany) – 01:30-03:30

Our simulation of a healing electronic magnetic field therapy stems itself from the Schumann Resonances, electromagnetic waves found in the spherical shell between the Earth and ionosphere due to azimuthal waves, also known as the Earth’s Pulse.
For this session, we will replicate a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) device using materials such as copper, energized coils and strong magnets, diffusing frequencies found in the spectrum of Schumann resonances between roughly 7 and 45 Hertz. In addition we will employ the use of pink noise, to induce a deep sleep and improve memory. To maintain a productive level of attentiveness, it will be dispersed in a pattern with variations of silence to match the rhythm of our brainwaves.
To administer the assembly of noise, we will establish a network wherein exists three positions: UW, CB1 + CB2. Communication will be conducted through entanglements that generate sounds deriving partially via transfer/touch and from automated motors/other objects. In the processing phase, the data is transferred to the UW where their amplitude is extracted and transformed for sustainability.

TAMARA WILHELM (Vienna, Austria) – 4:30-6:31

 7 Mind-soothing apps for a better sleep! - The science of sleep: why you need 7 to 8 hours a night.- Importance of Sleep : Six reasons not to scrimp on sleep. - 37 Science-Backed Tips For Better Sleep Tonight.
Around me I observe a quite massive propaganda for regular sleeping times of eight hours a night accompanied by a never-ending list of tips how to do so. Aiming for optimized productivity? What if I experiment with refusing the healthy 8 hours sleeping regime? Allow myself to be the one who didn´t get enough sleep? To be tired, grumpy, lazy, lacking in concentration, dreamy, reluctant, weary, moody and otherworldly?
I will stay awake 48 hours before my performance. Within this period of time I will collect and produce the sound material for the soundscape in a state of sleep deprivation. Besides being tired I also expect an enhancement of my creativity.

FU aka NELSON LANDWERH (Geneva, Swiss) – All in between sets, Friday & Saturday

432 sleep bug - ambient noise piece for sleeping
A Bela processor programmed generate Delta and Theta brainwave frequencies together with a variety of mixed noise sounds and repetitive loops to create a immersive drone slick. Abstract sequences from 20 BPM to 300 BPM are augmented with binaural self-inducing beats for stimulating intuitive awareness.The live built-up soundscape brings into natural self healing chaotic harmony and balance, profound relaxation, reduction of pain and emotional distress, sleep, dreaming, trance, rapid learning, self hypnosis and other altered states. As the mind travels through infinite lowlands, the spirit reaches the 4th dimension and connects with a higher consciousness.

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