A Green Thread in Media Art

Under the title »Red Thread of Media Art«, STWST invites associated media artists and net culture activists to contextualise developments from their own fields of work with those of STWST. Davide Bevilacqua was asked for the third thread and focusses on the Green.

Context STWST Red Thread of New Media Art: Under the title »Red Thread of Media Art«, artists from the Stadtwerkstatt environment are invited to select images from their own archives and the STWST archive from the last 40 years in order to present the various lines of development of media art, new media or art after new media. The aim is to keep the concept of media art progressive and resistant - and to contextualise media art with developments in the STWST and works from the respective own art and research areas. Franz Xaver and Tanja Brandmayr from STWST started last year, Davide Bevilacqua from servus.at was invited this year.

Context from Davide Bevilacqua: This page attempts to build a green thread of media art practices, connecting natural environments with their virtualized simulacra, as well as networks in physical realms with digital lines of platforms and spaces. Environmental impact, representational approximation and virtualization, data & pollution, but also the clash, overlap and interweaving of synthetic and natural in computing, networking and electronics. Verticals, spheres and surfaces, complex system and simplicity, inside & outside, environments and places.

The green thread connect works, images, and texts from the contexts of STWST, servus.at, as well as work and research of artists from the Art Meets Radical Openness community and own works and researches.



1 | »Environments environ: surround, encircle, circumscribe« The embracing qualities of digital environments and filter bubbles, but also of the encapsulating coziness from the art communities. In the bubble, servus.at in Museion Atelierhaus, BZ, 2018.
2 | Ghostradio, by Markus Decker, Pamela Neuwirth and Franz Xaver. At the overlap between physical and informatival reality. First encounter with FX at Pixel.no, Bergen, Norway, 2013. https://projects.stwst.at/stwst48/ghostradio-by-markus-decker-pamela-neuwirth-and-franz-xaver/
3 | Christina Gruber, Thirsty Data Centers, 2019. Observing the TV relay tower in Ansfelden, covered in fog. Foto: Eva Maria Dreisiebner, https://research.radical-openness.org/2019/thirsty-datacenter/
4 | I know where your cat lives, by Owen Mundy, in Behind the Smart World, Art Meets Radical Openness 2016, Foto: Andreas Zingerle. https://publications.servus.at/2016-Behind_the_Smart_World/
5 | from Torziolòn, guide book & tour in Melara, Trieste, Davide Bevilacqua, 2018
6 | Eva Maria Lopez, I Never Promised You a Green Garden. http://www.evalopez.net/index.php?id=291
7 | Das biomechanische Ballett, oder I like Trees and Human Rights. Wald, Bäume, Text und Kontext, 2015. Tanja Brandmayr/Quasikunst. https://www.quasikunst.at/index.php/das-biomechanische-ballett-oder-i-like-trees-and-human-right/
8 | Ursuppe, Davide Bevilacqua & Alberto Boem, Foto: Daniel Mabrouk, 2013. An organic modular computational sound mashup.
9 | Everything by Sebastian Mira, in Camping with Computers, 2021, Foto: Sara Piñeros Cortés
10 | EFEU – Stadtwerkstatt Facade: A hourly reminder of symbiotic relationships between nature and technic. Facade as an art display by stwst.
11 | LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM, disnovation.org, 2020 – ongoing, credits disnovation.org. http://disnovation.org/lss.php
12 | from dust till dawn: produced by decker/offenhuber in cooperation with ushi reiter / servus.at, image from servus Archive. https://webarchiv.servus.at/dust/
13 | Clusterduck - #MemersForFuture, installation at FMR 23, Linz. Foto: Violetta Wakolbinger
14 | 22 Harddrives, starting point of servus.at Research Lab 2015 »Behind the Smart World«. Kairus.org, servus archive. https://research.radical-openness.org/2015
15 | ECOTECHNOFEST 2019 / visit at Marjina Horka, Foto: Davide Bevilacqua, 2019
16 | The Banality of Infrastructure / Field Trip to Lead-Acid factory in Brest, Belarus. Foto: Davide Bevilacqua. 2019. During a residency in Belarus, a trip to visit the lead-acid battery factory built there in 2019 – a place where global economic and political dynamic, as well as the environmental and societal struggle, meet and collapse. After hearing activist stories, a many hours trip, and being alone in a completely unknown space I was so paranoid of being followed that I did not even take out my camera and do a sneaky pic with a phon. I felt just insanely powerless, looking at an incredibly boring building, whose presence is an instance of power and protest.
17 | Solar Wlan Turm: A Funkfeuer Node in the Stadtwerkstatt Turm, solar powered since 2008, servus Archive, https://core.servus.at/de/projekt/solar-wlan-turm/ber-das-projekt-solar-wlan-turm
18 | Omelette #43, prototype of a chaotic system. Davide Bevilacqua, Sebastian Six, Giacomo Piazzi, 2022, Foto: Aghite Pavan
19 | Non Existing Nature, The Pond, Davide Bevilacqua, Camping with Computers, 2023, Foto: Sara Piñeros Cortés
20 | earth 2020: earth iatsld amro2020 1 20140524 20160525, Video, creation of the water vapour of the earth, Produced by Infolab/ Franz Xaver, 2020. https://vimeo.com/420216867, BONUS Text Fragment »The Fictions of Iconic Earth Images, and the Possibilities of Sound – Emil Flatø«, https://a-nourishing-network.radical-openness.org/zugzwang-or-the-compulsion-to-find-a-common-baseline-in-sound.html
21 | Mycelium Network Society: Martin Howse, Radio Mycelium platform, 2018 + http://1010.co.uk/org/radiomycelium.html
22 | The Damaged Earth Catalog, a collection of community, restorative, feminist and non extractive computer practices. https://damaged.bleu255.com/ Text: A Pluriverse of Local Worlds: A Review of Computing within Limits—Related Terminology and Practices by Marloes de Valk https://www.bakonline.org/prospections/a-pluriverse-of-local-worlds-a-review-of-computing-within-limits-related-terminology-and-practices/


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