This year‘s STWST48x8 night program is a DEEP SOUND OPERA: Lib, Stage, 2 Sound Nights 

STWST Main Venue, 9./10. Sept 


In resistance to a world whose linguistic, political and rational contents have been used up, critical producers perform a Deep Sound Opera during STWST48x8 DEEP and over two nights. It is made up of different acts that are connected/unconnected to form a larger whole. Authors, Artists und Sound artists work with language, text and discourse in the broadest sense. Performers and autonomous initiatives act from the experience and practice of DIY, DIWO and DIT. With the different materialities of art, language and sound, the aim is TRANSFORMATION: With self-referential spirals of knowledge, with linguistic meta-levels, with content beyond text, with transferred meaning and rhythm, with lowered frequencies of knowledge, with breath that has passed through the body, with transformed experience, with emotion and sensuality, with the SPACE BEHIND THE EYES and with the FORCE BETWEEN THINKING AND FEELING, the rational approaches of text, reflection, the free form of text cascades as well as the irrationality of sound surfaces are confronted. In the depths there are no words left. This is where we mine, this is where meaning lies, this is where the cables of language lie in chaos and mess. Connected or disconnected, an open sound format emerges to which one can perhaps still DANCE. 


In The Lib the lib(retto) is transformed and deformed into Deep Sound Opera, here the text of the world is destroyed. In the STWST workshop, before it goes up to the Deep Sound Opera nights, are on display in a setting of absence: No-tech items like chalk, glasses, mirrors, instruments, low-tech analog gear, several screens, cameras and STWST‘s old sound system, switches, cables, digital devices, miscellaneous. Here all these things are connected in a strange way, here objects do their own thing. Traces of a writing act that happened long before run in loops: the chalk has become the text that was written with it. In the water glass, meaning transcends to sound. Cameras are pointed at the mirror onto which words are projected, they seem accelerated. The mirror becomes a reflection, searching for the lost eye. Where is the source? Disconnected No Discourse. Content-sensory Deepdive. The Lib is the lib(retto) to the world, annihilated, released, feral. 


The Kreishell installation, an analogue drum machine in the STWST main venue, becomes an act in its own right at some at Saturday Night, first Act, but is also a room-filling stage for the other acts on Deep Sound Opera nights. Kreishell remains an abstraction of a minimised stage area on Friday night, charging up with the first acts on Friday to be subsequently set up for Saturday night. going into operation itself in a DIY, DIT and DIWO circus, and expanding with more acts throughout the night. In a DIY, DIT and DIWO circus, it goes into operation on Saturday, is first played by Apephonie Production itself to be followed by more acts through the night. 

Kreishell itself is a declaration of love for gyroscopy! A DIY-LOW TECH-SPEKTAKEL! A working device of a special kind. Long live the circuits! 


Here are the Soundacts – 9. Sept, FRIDAY NIGHT:
Act 1 / 00:00 h - disturbance, de_ configuration - Ybalferran
Act 2 / 01:30 h - Catábasis - Daphne X & Diana Bogucka
Act 3 / 03:00 h - Siren Aria - Abrupt
Act 4 / 04:30 h - Aus dem Dunkeln - 

Here are the Soundacts – 10. Sept, SATURDAY NIGHT:
Act 5 / 23:00 h - Kreishell - Apephonie Productions
Act 6 / 00:30 h - when youre awake all night - thats who you are - egozero
Act 7 / 02:00 h - DEEP()MESS - open.ended dis.connected - Marinos Koutsomichalis, Jenny Pickett, Julien Ottavi
Act 8 / 03:30 h - droehn - akasha
Act 9 / 05:00 h - Aus dem Dunkeln - 

Deep Green Cafe Strom:
Sonic Connection DJ-Line
Fr, 22:00 - 04:00: Push Female DJ Network
Sa, 22:00 - 04:00: DJ Ford Escort + Jens Vetter + Abu Gabi 


It is planned that on Sunday the Deep Rest of the previous nights will become an exhibition. Possibly sound and art artefacts from the previous nights will be on display. Possibly the Kreishell machine will be available for public testing. Possibly the machine‘s home-brewed beer will be served to exhibition visitors. We will see what the Deep Rest will bring. 

The Deep Sound Opera format is a project of STWST. KREISHELL as stage and act: Apephonie Productions. Furthermore soundacts of the invited guests: See infos above.